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BETONART - Ultra Yüksek Performasli Beton

July 2009 - Article BETONART by F-U-R and G.tecz

betonum ince duvarli ve karmasik formlarda üretilmesi icin yapilan deneylerden biri de F-U-R ve G.tecz firmalainin ortaklginda yürütüldü ve Utrect'te Materialexoperience Fuari'nda sergilendi. "Barbeton" ismini verdileri bankoda tasarimcilar, Ultra Yüksek Performasli Beton (UHPC -Ultra High Performance Concrete) kullaniyorlar ve böylece yüksek akiskanlik, celikle kiyaslanabilecek bir dayaniklilik ve yüzey kalitesinde seramik benzeri pürüzsüslük elde ediliyor.


Betonbar@betonart article



winter semester - University of Kassel, Faculty of Architecture, Lectures

Thomas Teichmann and Gregor Zimmermann will lecture at the architecture faculty in Kassel, winter semester 2009. Topics will be 'old' and new technologies in concrete design but also tips n tricks, applications and facing concrete. Another focus are experiments. The class will use new prototyping technologies at the University to produce moulds that will be casted in the G.tecz laboratories. The experiments are a preparation for the 4th concrete design competition, starting september 2009.

concrete design competition


IBA HAMBRUG - Smart Materials


28.05.2009 - IBA and ARCH+ WORKSHOP for the IBA 2013, Hamburg

More than 60 architects, engineers, scientists and designers meet to discuss together with the IBA organization and the magazine ARCH+ about smart materials and their possibilities and advantages for the building industry.

One of those new smart materials is UHPC: High performance with high-tech methods, produced with local raw-materials, extremely durable and sustainable. 56% raw-materials and 30% energy could by saved by using UHPC for constructions. This comes with a CO2 reduction up to 32%. The G.tecz-UHPC is the new outstanding material for sustainable constructions, facades and design-objects.


concrete lace by Doreen Westphal

22-27. April 09 - Milan

Doreen Westphal, a famous designer from Amsterdam, is presenting a collection of fine design pieces made of QUANTZ - the brand new cement-bonded high-tech material from G.tecz.

Concrete Lace

concrete lace by Doreen Westphal.

Visit her exhibition during the Milan Design Week:
Astrocar (lotus garage)
Via Savona 6
20144 Milano (IT)




17. April 2009 - Kassel

Stylepark is a famous platform for design and materials. G.tecz is on of the first companies in the new material-database that is present with the cement-bonded High-Tech material QUANTZ.




18 - 22. April 2009 - Milano

The Membrane Concrete Grid Shell constructions are nominated for the Well-tech Award 2009 and will be shown at the Well-Tech exhibition in Milano.

Palazzo Isimbardi
Corso Monforte, 35 Milan

Link: Well-Tech Award 2009



14. April 2009 - Kassel

Coming soon - QUANTZ (TM) the new cement-bonded high-tech material with outstanding material properties, developed by G.tecz. QUANTZ (TM) - the milestone of a new material-class.

Stay tuned ...


Promotion Nordhessen Award-Event 2008

17. November 2009 - Kassel
Promotion Gtecz

Every year, Promotion Nordhessen awards start-up entrepreneurs in the region north-hessen. The founders of G.tecz were invited as speakers to refer about their experiences as entrepreneurs. Read more at ...

promotion Nordhessen

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Well-Tech AWARD 2009

08 / 07 / 08 - Milan, Italy

The 'Membrane Concrete Grid Shell' construction (MBGT) is nominated for the Well-Tech Award 2009.
The construction system combines new technologies like high-tech cement bounded materials with traditional pneumatic membrane formwork systems to build large concrete grid shells. With this system, large concrete shells could be set-up within 7 days. One application field could be emergency accommodations in disaster areas. Fast set-up, cost effective, stable.
The system was developed at the University of Kassel (Faculty of Architecture, Dept. Structural Design) by Gregor Zimmermann. G.tecz is now further developing this system. With modifications facade systems, furniture, art objects or structure elements could be designed.


G.tecz is member of the entrepreneur board at the University of Kassel

... entrepreneur teams from the universities often arise in the context of research and therefore are science orientated during the early start-up phase. At the same time, at this stage a high support is required. This is where the 'incubator' offers suport with equipment, consultancy, coaching and mentors. An important role is played by the entrepreneur Council: Successful and experienced entrepreneurs and founders are promoting the incubator not only financially but also with advices. Since 2006, these companies are Biocatering Marbachshöhe, carts Real Time Solutions GmbH, Diebel Speditions GmbH, Kasseler Sparkasse, Meister AG, Müller und Partner, Quality for Success GbR, s.a.d. System Analyse und Design GmbH, SMA Technologie AG, Volkswagen Coaching GmbH, Von Waitzische Beteiligungen GbR, Wintershall AG. In the year 2008, the companies OctaVIA AG, E. ON AG and GTECZ came along. ... [citation: UniKasselTransfer]


'Innovative Surface Structures: Technologies and Applications'

Prof. Martin Bechthold from the Havard University published the book 'Innovative Surface Structures: Technologies and Applications'. Cited are the 'membrane concrete grid shells' that are developed by Gregor Zimmermann during the scientific work at the University of Kassel, Dep. structure development.

link to AMAZON


G.tecz comes in first at the promotion Nordhessen company founder competition

07 / 12 / 13 - Kassel

'It feels like ceramic but its concrete. A Henry Moore sculpture as skyscraper? ...' promotion Nordhessen. G.tecz wins the 1. price for the business concept on 13th dec. 2007.

promotion Nordhessen


BOOK - In:Ex:Terior structures

07 / 12 / 05 - Kassel

A new book released. It is a documentation of a student project from the University of Kassel, done by architectural, design and structural engineers.
Task was to develop a pavilion, that represents the hight potentials of the material UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete). The students developed designs but also build 1:1 prototypes by using technologies as CNC milling or vaccum molding.

Editors: Zimmermann, Gregor / Manfred, Grohmann / Oliver, Tessmann / Markus, Schein
ISBN: 9783837014518
232 Pages (German)
Printed by: Books on Demand
Price: 19 €


G.tecz - We moved

07 / 11 / 09 - Kassel

G.tecz moved. Please recognice our new adress and phone number:

german technologies and engineering concepts
Teichmann Zimmermann GbR
Angersbachstr. 12b
D-34127 Kassel

fon: +49-561-86 17 555
fax: +49-561-89 07 069