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G.tecz Teichmann Zimmermann GbR could optimize and develop a wide range of cement bounded materials: regular concrete, self compaction concrete, high-strength concrete, ultra high performance concrete, high-tech concretes with compressive strength up to 500 MPa and GREEN CONCRETEs.

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We could offer you a series of services to increase the quality of your concrete.



G.tecz owns special knowledge on optimizing concrete. We could help you to save up to 40% cement while your concrete will get increasingly powerful.


G.crete.ultra - the UHPC

G.crete.ultra, the UHPC will be developed individually for your individual requirements. With modern, outstanding mathematic algorithms and know-how, that is representing the top of the state of the art in the technology, we will create your individual, unique high-tech concrete. The material will be composed on consideration of local aggregates and local fabrication possibilities. The result is a worldwide unique material. With this, you will not only get a new material, you will get a new technology: G.tecz as developer of G.crete.ultra will brief and consult you in fabricating and applying G.crete.ultra as well as launching quality assurance or performing inhouse training.

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green concrete


The next generation of the 'green concrete'

G.tecz developed a new technology, based on the Phd thesis of Thomas Teichmann, to reduce the cement ratio of a regular concrete up to 40% and to save costs of about 25%. This technology could be applied to nearly any already existing recipe. Secondary, but also an important effect could be the enhancement of the concrete quality into the next higher class.

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Quantz is the new class for cement bonded high-tech materials

strong as steel with a high flexural strength, extreme durable and absolutely economical.

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