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A small concrete pre-fab company produces about 60 qm per day.
- 1702 MJ/qm primary energy is needed to produce 1 qm C35 concrete (without steel reinforcement).
- per day: 102.120 MJ energy,
- per month 3.063.600 MJ energy,
- per year 37.273.800 MJ energie.

>>> This is the energy request of 2100 german housholds per year.

By optimizing the concrete and reducing the amount of cement with the G.tecz technologies, this 'example' company could save 15% cement (within the DIN). Thus, the amount of energy per qm could be reduced with 400 MJ/qm.

- Reduction: 400 MJ/qm concrete
- Reduction: 14.673.000 MJ per year

>>> This saved energy could be used for 815 households for 2 years!


CO2 emission

The production of cement for 1 qm concrete C35 will cause about 282 kg CO2 and thus 6.175.800 kg CO2 per year for the example company.

By cement reduction of 15% this could be 926.370 kg less CO2.

With the usage of UHPC, the company would produce 39% less CO2, that means about 2.424.330 kg. This effect is caused by the reduction of material volume. UHPC pre-fab units could be constructed much more filigree: 30 - 40% material savings are possible.



The price for standard cement is about 80 Euro/t (Germany, Dez. 2007).

- 15% cement reduction: Savings 3.80 Euro/qm
- 30% cement reduction: Savings 7.60 Euro/qm

>>> The 'example' company could save up to 57.600,00 Euro per year, by saving 15% cement.


Green Concrete

> up to 30% of cement while improving your concretes performance >>> Cement reduction