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G.crete.ultra POTENTIALS

Application possibilities

Scyscraper structures, bridges, highway coatings, walls, floors, ceiling,
tunnels, pre-cast segments, industry floorings ...

Facades (bearing or curtain), exposed concrete, interior design, table ware,
sanitary panels and accessories, tiles, flagstones ...

Design possibilities

_ all kind of colours - also white and black
_ from very rough surfaces to a high glossy self-cleaning finish
_ no limits for forms and shapes
_ unit thickness from 3 mm up to meters

Material and economic characteristics

_ high ductility
_ high fluid consistency
_ very high bearing capacity
_ very high durability
_ high sustainability
_ resistant against freeze and thaw (with or without salt)
_ no measurable water suction
_ heat able
_ electric conductivity could be adjusted
_ material properties (compression-, tensile-, flexural strength, ...)
_ could be adapted, according to customer preferences
_ could be produced all over the world with local resources
_ high environmental sustainability because of reducing CO2 output
_ cost-effective due to reducing import costs
_ cost-effective as a result of reducing static and constructive rebar and thus labour costs